Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Migraines and Tagged-Again!

I went back to the neurologist today and thought I would update you. I have decided to take the daily preventative medicine. I am not thrilled about it, but I do have peace about the decision. The med has some bad side effects. However, the neurologist thinks if I take it at night some of them will be minimized. So, maybe I won't get them at all? We'll have to see. I've been having two migraines a week for about eight months now so I am hoping this will give my body a little break. I don't plan to be on it long, but we will see what happens. I trust that God is in control of the situation and He helps me through each and every headache and provides for my family:)
And that crazy Juli has tagged me again! So I am supposed to list 8 random things about myself...
1. I was born and raised here in Charlotte. (Like you can't tell that from my accent:))
2. Jeremy and I lived in the same dorm in college, a floor apart and he used to get my clothes out of the laundry for me and take them to his room so I would have to come in there and get them:)
3. I absolutely hate snakes. I am petrified of them.
4. Uhm... I like country music.
5. I am the oldest of three girls.
6. The house and land that we own now used to be owned by my friend's parents. Used to come here for sleepovers!
7. I would love to cut all my hair off, as short as possible. But my hubby doesn't like that idea.
8. My hubby likes to help me fulfill lifelong desires. He bought me a beautiful baby grand piano! That was definitely one of them:)

Okay, I tag Marge, Erika, Robin, Dawn, Dana, Shawna, Meghann

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Shawnda said...

I really hope the meds help!

I LOVE #2 - so cute!!!!