Monday, November 5, 2007

Sick and Tagged

Yes, we are still sick here at the Gibson house. I feel like we have the plague or something. Gracie is coughing her head off and sneezing, the end I think of this yucky virus. Piper is a little stuffy and has a runny nose. But worst of all, poor Jeremy is sick in bed. He has a terrible sore throat. My hubby never comes home sick, but he did today. I feel so bad for him. So far I have remained unscathed.

And I've been tagged by Juli. First for me too here in the blog world. That means I have to list 7 children's books and tag other bloggers. But Juli and Becky have gotten just about all the other bloggers I know. And girls, I don't know how to link other people's sites. help?? Unfortunately, my girls don't like for me to read to them, well Piper does a little, so my list is a little limited. Anyway, here is my list...

1. "Guess How Much I love You"

2. "I Already Know I Love You" by Billy Crystal

3. "Stellaluna"

4. "Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers, The Gospel" by Joey Allen

5. "Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers, The Bible" by Joey Allen

6. "Designed by God, so I Must Be Special" can't remember:)

7. "The Princess and the Kiss" by Jennie Bishop

oooh I did better than I thought.
Here you go girls, I tag...
Dana Tweed-anybody know? I can't remember since Becky took all her links off:) That's been hard Beck:)
I hope these linked right? Man, there are lots of us who blog! Thanks ladies!! You think if I tagged people who don't have blogs they would get busy?:)


Madeira girl said...

Good job! You did great! We also are still sick here at the Madeira house, although I think we are on the Mend. Only a few coughs and runny noses to clear up. Hopefully that will be done by Wed. so we can have a date night!I think you should tag Dawn, Dana Tweed and even Marge and Robin. They may have some good ones!

JJandFive said...

ahhh... you did good, Lindsay! But I'm sorry to hear you're sick : (
To link to other people's sites... when you are posting type the name of the person you are linking to, select it, and click on the chain link button next to the photo and video buttons... another box will pop up for their blog address (I just copy and paste out of their browser). Hope that makes sense. There are probably better instructions in Blogger "help". ; )
You guys get better soon!!!!
love ya, and thanks for playing!

Madeira girl said...

Just go ahead and say "Tag Tracie, you are it!" Mat said he would set it up for her already...maybe this is the pressure she needs!:)

Marge said...

Hi Lindsay! I just noticed that you tagged me. Sorry I'm late. I'll post my list later today. I need to think about it.