Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas!

This is our nativity. Love it!
Lisa asked why Gracie wasn't in the pics from the tree farm ,here's why. She wasn't at all into have her picture taken:")
Yes, we decorate as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. I love having a tree up with beautiful lights. I leave them on all day! Nothing is better than doing devotions beside it!

So here are the pics of everyone decorating the tree. And Piper continues to redecorate it every chance she gets. I am a little behind on posting them. We've been enjoying it since Sunday.


Shawnda said...

Very fun! I think we might get started today!! : )

erika said...

Yea!!!! You too!! How fun! You have a real tree...it's beautiful!!

We chose to go with artificial this year due to convenience sake-but truly love the fresh smell of real pine and will miss it this year-so pine air freshner here we come!

Wagener family fun said...

I love your nativity set where di you get it? Your girly's are so beautiful and growing up so fast. How's the doggie doing?

Lindsay said...

Shawna, I have been collecting the nativity since highschool. They started giving them to us at our church as gifts, I was in a live nativity. It is the Fontaninni Nativity. They are handmade I think, in Italy.
Doggie is great!

meghann said...

gracie is sooo cute! love the tree too!
thanks fro the update:)

Amanda said...

How sweet!

My son turns 1 next Tuesday and we are waiting until after that to get our house all decorated for Christmas. It'll be fun! :)