Thursday, December 27, 2007

Childress Update

Hey everyone! The past few days have been a blur with everything going on with Joe and Lori. Here are the lastest updates from today. God is sustaining that little girl and her mommy and daddy.
There are some praises today! Jessie is holding steady. They took her urinary catheter out this morning, which is typical to avoid infection. The blood cultures look good-so no infection!!!! Her blood gases look good-so she is getting proper oxygen!!! And her BP is holding steady and they said this was miraculous!!!!!! Thank you Lord! Your prayers are working friends!! God is listening and answering! The pain is still a major concern. They can't seem to get it under control. So they still can't move her and now they have to change diapers. They can't do any testing to see if the surgery worked either. Lori asked that we please pray for these two things specifically. THAT the pain would be taken care of and that she won't have to have the other surgery. Lori said it was very difficult to see her. She was able to put up all the scriptures that you sent. So thank you!!
Lori called a little bit ago and she was on her way home from seeing Jessie. There are some more praises!!! Apparently the update that I gave you earlier today was what she was told last night. So it seems that they have gotten Jessie's pain under control! This is such a relief for Joe and Lori as you can imagine! They did an x-ray of her lungs today and the right upper lobe looked hazy. So they think fluid may be collecting there. So another thing to pray for. Pneumonia develops very easily with this.
Thank you all for praying along with us! God is listening and He answers our prayers:)

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