Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Update on the Childress'

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you held your little ones tight today.

I was able to talk to Lori last night and Laura this morning. Friends, they are so devastated. There aren't words for what Joe and Lori are feeling right now. They can't even think or pray. They are counting on us for that. They are still in shock yet it is really sinking in.

Jessie was able to have the surgery last night and here is the email from Laura this morning:

Thanks so much for praying. Lori just called with an update - Jesse made it through the night, praise God! Lori shared with me she is counting on our prayers for Jesse and to bear their burden. They are very distressed and exhausted. Lori is torn between getting used to caring for Addie's needs and her apnea monitor, caring for Macy and wanting to be with Jesse now. Since Jesse will be immobilized by the medically induced coma and ventilator this week, the doctors are encouraging Joe and Lori to get as much rest as possible because things may get very critical again when they try to get her off the ventilator. So, please be praying God will give them supernatural strength & refreshment, and that His nearness would be their good. I know you all are praying for Jesse's healing and recovery as well. Thank you again!!! We want to serve them well, but are limited by the cautions they have received by the NICU to avoid germs. We would like to arrange meals three days a week for them. They will have a cooler on the porch for the meals to be placed into, but we are asking everyone to just leave the dinners in the cooler without coming inside or visiting with Lori. As much as she would like the fellowship and encouragement, she understandably doesn't want to risk Addie catching a virus. Please send notes with scriptures and prayers for them! Lindsey will be contacting you again about meals, and you can email her if you are able to serve them on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I know many of you have made multiple meals over the last several months, and I want to thank you!!!! I'll link a map to their home w/ their address to send cards to. Please use the map to bring their dinners to their home so we don't need to call them for directions.http://maps.google.com/maps?li=rwp&q=3503+Arklow+Rd,+Charlotte,+NC+28269
I know many of you are saddened by what has happened. It's a paradox to be celebrating Christmas with our happy children while they are suffering so isn't it? Lori and I talked about what a comfort it is to have friends just walking through trials with you, even if they can't fix anything or help in substantial ways. Just knowing we truly, deeply care and are praying means everything to them. And God is at work - always for His glory, always for His good. And His glory IS our good. With love,Laura

So friends, please continue to pray. Michelle and I will be fasting this week, so I will let you all know when so you can participate if you want to.
May God receive all the glory,

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