Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Pictures are In!

Back row-Abbie (sis),My Dad, My Mom, Meemaw (Dad's Mom), Mimi (Mom's mom)
Second Row-Jeremy, Gracie,Piper, Me, Lauren (sis), Tristen (niece), Chris (bro in law)
oh and baby Bella- in Lauren's belly:)

My family has wanted to get pictures done with all four generations for a few years. But we've been procrastinating! So I told mom I was going to call Jason right then. Here are the results! Jason, you ROCK!!!!

I have been trying to add them for a few days. There is a slideshow below and to the side. Thank you for letting me share them with you!


Michelle Neese said...

The pics are gorgeous - how awesome to get all your (extended) family done. And your little family of 4 is beautiful! Cool slide show - looks great!

Shawnda said...

so fun! Glad you like them!!! Ya'll look great! ; ) The slide show on the side is so fun!!

Erika said...

Hello friend!! Hurray you posted them!!!!!! As I said before, they are awesome pictures-you guys take great pics!!
And you used!! I think I will do it too!!!