Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gracie's Birthday Party

Nanny and Piper
Presents galore, Faith and Rhiannon
Some of the gang:) Ellie, Faith, Jackson, Gracie, Logan, Rhiannon, Pipey
Da boys
Finish it off with Pinata time!

We had so much fun today celebrating Gracie girl's birthday! We love to make a big deal out of their birthdays. Each year the Lord gives us with our children is such a gift we DON'T deserve! I was telling Gracie the other day I couldn't believe she was going to be four and I was saying it sadly. She said, "Mommy, you may not complain." Well at least she is listening to something I am trying to teach her! What a blessing each day is with my Gracie!

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Anna said...

Happy Birthday Gracie! Thanks for sharing the pic's- I know some of those faces!