Friday, December 14, 2007


Gracie Girl
What your mom posts when you won't smile!

I haven't been writing as much lately. I guess we have been really busy? Life has seemed like a whirlwind! So I thought I would just update you all. Like the stuff I should have written on the Christmas card but didn't think up till it was already done:)

So here goes,

Gracie- she is just so precious to us. Almost every night after we put her to bed, Jeremy and I look at each other and say just that, she is so precious. She helps me so much. With Piper, Reilly, around the house. She is just so sweet and caring. She loves to be right there with me, whatever I am doing. I sure do cherish that. She loves to do crafts and bake. This week she decided to potty train Piper:) She has been putting her on the potty alot and actually got her to pee pee in it once. I'm not sure I'm ready for this, so we'll just see what happens. She is starting to ask questions about educational things, like what each letter is. She has cared nothing about this the whole year. That's been fun.

Piper, Piper, Piper-what a trip! This kid is full force all the time. Almost two, so in to everything:) She is really struggling with some bad ezcema. Hopefully we will have that under control soon. She is starting to put words together for sentences. Thank you Lord! It makes life much simpler when they can tell you what they need. It is so cute to hear her little words. I don't really like correcting the "uh huh" with "yes ma'am" cause the "uh huh" is sooooo cute. I know, I know. She loves for mommy to hold her still. And that's fine with me. She is not into getting her picture taken anymore:( So don't expect anymore cheesin out of her:) There is much training that needs to take place, gotta buckle down! Love this adorable little one. She is really changing quickly.

Jeremy is knee deep in work. Actually his full time job is a little slow, thank goodness. The side jobs are in full swing. Today they came out and staked off the footprints for a few of the houses. Yeah!! We are so excited to get started. Please pray for all J has on his plate. He does such a great job managing it all. But it is a ton to juggle. I don't see how he does it all.

I am still battling the migraines. But I have faith they are going to get better. There have been two weeks this past month that I only had one. That is improvement. My kinesiologist says to give it two more months and we should really have some progress. So I am hopeful.

We are excited about the church plant and feel a strong call to stay at CrossWay. We can't wait to see what God is going to do in us and through us. We hope He uses us mightily in our church. I really appreciated Mickey's message on Sunday. Wow what pastors we have! I love their perspective and how they are helping us walk through this.

We have been thoroughly enjoying this awesome weather. I don't mind that it's almost Christmas and 80 degrees. Fine with me! I just imagine that is what it would be like if I were in Hawaii for Christmas.
My sister Abbie is going to Appalachian to get her masters in education. She just graduated from Gardner-Webb.
Reilly, our dog, is a keeper! The girls don't know yet that she is ours. Jeremy is making them wait till Christmas to find out. I am trying to adjust still to all the hair. And having another body in the house:) She is so sweet and an excellent dog. God was so kind to give her to us!
I want to buckle down this week and get some Christmas stuff done with the girls. Baking, gingerbread house, nativity,... still have to bake at Nanny's, whew I am going to be busy! But it will be great fun:)

That's all for now!

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