Monday, December 24, 2007

Please Pray

Hey Everyone. I realize many people probably aren't checking blogs on Christmas Eve, but if you are please pray. Joe and Lori Childress' baby girl is fighting for her life right now. Jessie, the smaller twin went in this morning for a very routine surgery, a 10 minute one to get a feeding tube inserted. Then she was going to get to come home on Thursday. When they went in for surgery they perforated her esophagus. They spent several hours working on her and she was without oxygen for a while. They have been trying to stabilize her all day. She needs another major surgery to fix the tear. They have called in three surgeons to do it. In the meantime her lungs have been filling up with fluid which is causing infection. very bad! So they can't even do the surgery until she is stable enough. The surgery is very complicated and MAJOR. They have to open up her chest to get to the area they need to fix. It is supposed to take about 4 hours.
As you can imagine, Joe and Lori are devastated. They are at Jessie's side now. Please pray for their baby girl and them as well. This is obviously the hardest roadblock they have hit, although they have hit many. They are such faithful prayer warriors and I know Lori spent all afternoon on her knees.
Our God is sufficient and He will be glorified!
Thank you for caring and praying for them.

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Shawnda said...

with tears, praying. thanks for sharing, Lindsay! If you learn anything more, please update us!