Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Little Game

I was supposed to do this for Juli a few weeks ago.. Since today is her birthday!! I'll do it today!

1. Jesus or Santa- Jesus of course, but we do have santa stuff here at our house
2. Egg nog or hot chocolate- Hot chocolate
3. White lights or colored ones- White all the way. It's soooo classic!
4. Do you hang mistletoe- nope
5. Do you hang a wreath- yes on my front and side doors
6. Do you hang garland- yes, outside on the porch
7. When do you put up your decor- The Sat after Thanksgiving
8. What's your favorite holiday dish- we started doing filets, potatoes, and salad on Christmas, all of which I love
9. What's your favorite memory as a child- I used to read the Polar Express to my sisters and then we would all sleep in the same bed. And we would get up super early.
10. When did you find out Santa wasn't real- WHAT??? I still believe....
11. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve- No
12. How do you decorate your tree- It is mostly silver and red- balls and ornaments. Then ornaments we have been given through the years.
13. Snow- love it or hate it- Love it.
14. Can you ice skate- Yes
15. Do you remember your favorite gift- I have very fond memories of many Christmases but a piano, nintendo, and the pearl ring Jeremy got me the year Gracie was born top the list
16. What is the most important thing about this holiday to you?- Spending time with our families and making sure that my girls know about Jesus and why He came
17. Favorite holiday dessert- anything chocolate
18. Favorite holiday tradition- Baking at moms with my sisters and daughters and niece
19.What tops your tree- A globe with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus inside
20. Do you prefer giving or receiving- I love giving but I can't lie, I love opening presents too
21. Favorite Christmas Song- Mary Did you Know
22. Do you like Candy Canes- a little
23. Are they gone by Christmas- if the girls know about them:)
24. Do you think Christmas is too commercialized?-Absolutely. Have you all heard about the push to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas and sell family trees instead of Christmas trees? ABSURD!!! At Lowe's the sign actually says family trees.

Whew! Anybody wanna play along?

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JJandFive said...

awwww... I feel Celebrated : )