Saturday, January 5, 2008


Addison Grace
Big Sister Macy:)

Hey All,

I had the privilege of going to Lori and Joe's yesterday to help Lori for a little bit. And I got a few pics of Addie:) Thought you would enjoy them. And since she and Jessie are identical you can see what Jessie looks like too.

They are doing okay. I was just so overwhelmed seeing what they have to do on a daily basis. You have to rely on the Lord to even get out of bed in the mornings! We all do, but so much more the Childress' do!

Please keep praying for them. Jessie is healing slowly but surely. She will have another barium flush in two weeks. That means no eating (she's just getting IV fluids, still chest tubes, no holding her for that long. They think they may have her pain under better control. That gives her mommy and daddy much comfort:)


Madeira girl said...

I figured out why your picts are stretched. When you go into the picture link, uncheck the shrink to fit button. That was what I had to do. Try it out!

Lindsay said...

Ahhhh, you are so right! Thank you! I fixed them:)