Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Babies Galore

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Connor Robert 2 lbs 13 ozs
Alexander Wesley "Zander" 3 lbs

It has been crazy around here STILL people! I can't seem to catch up.
But I am having a chance to serve my dear friends The Childress' and The Balts. You know the Childress' story but I haven't told you about the Balts yet. Kim was pregnant with twins too, boys this time. On Saturday morning she was having cramping that got severe. Tim took her to the hospital and to make a long story short, she went in for an emergency c-section. Turns out her uterus ruptured! Now as an OB nurse I can assure you this is the emergency that sends us all running and praying. It is one of the worst. Baby and mom can die very easily with this. But our merciful God saw fit to bless us by preserving the lives of Kim, Zander, and Connor on Saturday morning!!!! Thank you God!!! The boys were 29 weeks and are doing well. They are at CMC University in the NICU. So very precious and perfect in every way:) Kim is healing and doing great I think. Please pray for them when you think of it. They are going through many of the feelings Joe and Lori have. Leaving their babies in the hospital, not being able to hold them yet, and all the unknowns. They both have holes in their hearts which close normally in full term babies. They will be getting meds to help them close. Zander is doing great, breathing with just a little oxygen via nasal cannula and Connor is improving too. He is still on the vent but should be off soon.

Pray for Ellie too, big sister can't see the twins because she is too young to go into the NICU. They are relying on pictures to help her see her brothers. She knows which one is which:) Isn't that fun:) They look really different.

If you want to read more about them they both (the Childress' and the Balts) have caringbridge sites. These are wonderful sites where you get updates and you can leave them encouragement in the guestbook. Here are the links:

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Anna said...

Thanks Lindsay, I did not even know the Balts were expecting- I left a message for them- keep us updated.