Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thank you girls for your encouragement about my personal retreat and for meal ideas. I received a new crockpot from Jeremy's Grandma for Christmas and I was so excited! It is one of the bigger ones. I put at least one crock pot meal a week on my planner and maybe I'll do more Shawna! That sounds really good. Wow Robin, cooking every night! Go girl! That's really what I want to strive to do.

Another thing my sister and I have done in the past and in fact we did yesterday is make freezer meals. So we spent ALL day making meals to have for the month. Yesterday we made 10 each but I think we have made as many as 20 before. That took us about three days to do. I find it exhausting but sure do reap the benefits for a while. I think there was a stretch where I didn't cook for about three months but we had dinner every night just from pulling one out of the freezer. It was awesome. One word of caution-this is best done without little ones! Tristen, my niece plays so well by herself so she does great, mine, not so much. They are at Grandmas so I usually take this time to so things like this. But if you can't get time without kiddos you can double meals for a while each night and freeze those. I think I might try that some too.

Meghann, call me. I do have some ideas for you!

Thank you all, please send me more ideas!


Marge said...

It's neat to hear how the Lord met you and the ideas He's given you, Lindsay. One of these days I think I'm going to do a planning retreat. I've never done that. Even just one afternoon would be a good start.

I wanted to say that one of the best things you can do in the area of meals is to plan them out in advance. I've done it for years. I rely heavily on my computer for this, too! I'd be glad to give you some tips if you're interested. Or maybe I should just do a blog post on it!

Happy cooking!

Lindsay said...

Do a post Marge, DO a post!!! It would be great:)

Wagener family fun said...

What meals did you prepare and freeze?
I remember doing this with a bunch of the Crossway ladies for a while. I can not remember if you were in on that or not? We used to each make 5-7 meals but we made 3-5 families worth then we would trade them around. So when we were all done we had 15-25 different meals. (All prepared in the tin throw aways) Yes, that one day of cooking was crazy but man that whole month of no cooking was wonderful!