Friday, January 25, 2008

Congratulations Papa!

Yeah Papa!!!
Papa and Gamma

Papa's Fan Club-His friends Richard, Bobby, Ryan, and Nicole
Papa Ron graduated Thursday night with his GED! So we made a quick trip to Angier to celebrate with him! This man has quite a testimony. Why get your GED in your 50s?

I want to attempt to share his story with you here. So that we can all give glory to God! Ron grew up in an abusive home, his mom and dad were both alcoholics and abusive to him and his four siblings. In his early teens, 12 I think, he was taken from his home. He ended up in a boy's home, awaiting foster care placement. I think there were a total of three homes he was in. When he was 17 he got into some trouble and ended up in prison. This was a turning point in his life. While on work release, Ron was placed with a dear Christian family. He saw what is was like to have a loving family and desired that for himself. The Lassiter's went to the church where Wanda and her family went and Ron began going with them. He and Wanda quickly fell in love and were wed as soon as Wanda was of age:) Then they began their own family. They had two boys, Jeremy and Jason. For most of their childhood, Ron worked three jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. The hours were long and the pay was little. When Jeremy was in highschool, Ron began his own construction business. He has been very successful and God has provided. About three years ago he had a serious operation on his neck. Work for him really slowed down after that. He realized he wanted to spend his time enjoying life more. So he has been taking it easier and maintaing their rental properties. After all, he needed a break!
Ron and Wanda have always had a heart for more children! So they are open to helping children who are in need. They want to be a witness! They have much to offer:)
Ron decided to get his GED. He had the time, so why not? He was the oldest in his class and God used him to minister to the other students. He was a witness!
Papa Ron, may God receive the glory for this accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We LOVE you!


Madeira girl said...

I love this post Lindsay! Congratulations Ron! I know he is a very neat man. I have always enjoyed the times we have seen him and been able to talk. Thank you for honoring him!

ellerenee said...

That was fantastic - thanks for sharing that!! I LOVE hearing testimonies - God is SO good!!