Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Personal Growth Priorities 2008

At least, this is what we called New Year's Resolutions in our care group. I like it better. At the suggestion of my dear friend Michelle, I looked at the blog Your Sacred Calling (Love this blog!!)and she had suggestions for how to reflect on this past year. There are three things that you do.. 1. Outline and chronicle the many providences of God 2. Say thank you to those who have invested in your life 3. Forgive those who have wronged you.
So I started with numero uno.This past week I have been recounting God's faithfulness to the Gibson's over 2007. I went through the entire year week by week. I learned that I need to journal better! It was so neat to see the things that God did in our lives. He has met us mightily. He has carried us through the storms. What a great God we serve!
This weekend I am going on my first ever planning retreat!! I am so excited to see what God is going to do. I have developed some goals for my time and #2 and #3 above are on the list. I have lots of thank you notes to write to everyone who has invested in my life! That is going to be fun:)
A few other things on my list are: Make a daily schedule for the girls and I-one that actually works:), Make a meal schedule, Read, Outline how to love and serve Jeremy better, and most importantly- come up with a plan as to how I am going to love God more passionately this year. Whew! It will be busy.
Sweet Lisa is coming with me. I so love our time together.
Can't wait to share what God is going to do in 2008 with you all and update you on my retreat!


ellerenee said...

Oh, I am so jealous!!! Guess I shouldn't declare that as much as confess it, but... how great! can't wait to hear how the Lord guides you this weekend and glad to hear you liked the post - wasn't it awesome! I'm working on it too. Though technically, she (Stacey MacDonald) isn't the one who wrote it, but Doug Phillips of VisionForum. Have a fantastic weekend!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, yeah, I know that Doug wrote it, but we all know His wife probably told Him what to say. Ha ha, just kidding:) Wait, Stacey isn't Doug's wife? Okay I have been thinking that the whole time. Oh dear.

Anna said...

Have a great time! Thanks for the link!

Wagener family fun said...

I am at work and was excited to see if you had updated your post about your weekend. So, being away from my home computer where I have your blog saved in my fav's I had to google Gibson girls (I couldn't remember the rest of your blog name). You should google that it is very interesting to see what pops up. What caught my eye was "The Gibson Girl the Ideal Woman of the early 1900's"
On another note I am excited to hear about your weekend of planning.