Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Pics, a week late

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy BDay to Jesus...
Ooohhhh! A medical kit
Gracie's new robe
Everybody got jerseys. Yes me included, but I got mine last year:) Hubby takes good care of me!

I realized I haven't posted any Christmas Pictures. We've been so busy, can you relate?!

We had lots of fun. Christmas Eve is spent at my mom and dad's. That morning we get together with the Murphys. A family we have been friends with since I was two! Then we have Christmas with my immediate family-mom, dad, Lauren, Ab, etc... Then it's off to church for the Christmas Eve service.

On Christmas morning we wake up and have Christmas with our little family. Jeremy did a great job talking to the girls about Jesus' birth. We sang to Jesus and read the Christmas story. It was a sweet time. Then in the afternoon it was back to Mom and Dad's for dad's side of the family. Ron and Wanda met us there. Then from Mom and Dad's we go to Mimi's, moms mom's for dinner. Whew! I can't imagine it any other way! It's crazy though. I've wondered what it would be like to have a quiet day at home with just Jeremy, Gracie, Piper, and I but that just wouldn't seem like Christmas to us. The day after Christmas we open presents with Ron and Wanda. Just can't seem to fit it in on the actual day. Hmmm wonder why?

Usually we go to Angier on Christmas afternoon. But we decided to stay home this year and give the girls a little more time to play. It was nice not having to pack and run around crazy Christmas morning trying to get ready to leave. It was so great for Ron and Wanda to come and stay with us for a couple of days. We always enjoy their company.

So that's us and our celebrations!

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meghann said...

Love the robe! she looks like a ''mini-mom''!