Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

Just hangin out-but don't let Lisa fool you, she's a mean Wii player:)
Obviously, Stephen had a victory!
Couples tennis
Does she look like a boxer to you? I didn't think so. She beat Jess and Jeremy!!! It was hilarious watching them too.

Here are our New Year Celebration pictures. Wii had a ball!! Several families celebrated with us and wii stayed up till the wii hours of the morning playing the Wii and dutch blitz (yes, we gave Jess the pleasure of killing us). It was so funny, three of girls got Nikons for Christmas. So we were snapping away.

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Constructionman said...

For the record the Wii judges documented a tie; however, I think Cindy was the victor - I mean ... a tie to a girl is the same as a loss :-)