Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We're still here:)

I am still alive, I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! I have started several posts and haven't been able to finish them. So you can espect a few more soon.

Well we had some fun this week! First there were two little girls, then there were FIVE, then there were SIX, then there were SEVEN!!! We were able to watch the Morrison girls on Monday and Tuesday so John and Juli could get away for a little while. Then we had Ellie in the afternoon too, so Kim could go visit her little boys in the NICU, then Tristen stopped by with Aunt Abbie for a few minutes. It was so funny having all these girls! I must say, I loved it though! They were all great and soooo sweet. I haven't heard that much giggling in a long time:) I was so glad that Gracie had Alyssa and Julianna to play with, some older girls. She is the oldest child of most everyone we hang out with. And most of them have boys. So that was really nice.

Thank you everyone for letting us have your girlies over! It's an honor.

I have been trying to post pics with this, but alas it's not working, so here is the post. Pics to come.

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