Friday, December 3, 2010


One of the hardest things about Jeremy getting laid off is the fact that we were scheduled to go to Disney World tomorrow for a week.  It was one of the first things that came to my mind when he told me he lost his job.  Oh no, how are we going to tell the girls we can't take them to Disney?  It's such a hard decision.  But we can't be foolish with what money we have.  We have no idea how long this road is going to be.  We prayed, we talked, and we just didn't feel comfortable going.  But God, He is in to blessing us, already. Our wonderful friends and family insisted that we go and enjoy this time with our girls.  They gave so we could go.  God gave so we could go!  I stand amazed. Thank you, you know who you are:)
  Several friends have encouraged us that we will not regret this.  And I am in faith that they are right!  It feels frivolous right now, but what a blessing to be able to go.
  Remember how I said I was going to enjoy my husband while he's home?  That was a joke to a degree!  I don't see him much more than I did before!  He is so busy applying for jobs and perfecting resumes.  And doing side jobs.  God is already providing.  He provided a small side job today, and Jeremy has an interview next week when we get home. So I can't wait to get away this week with him and actually get to enjoy time together:)
  Already, God is rallying our dear friends and family around us.  Already He is blessing us with a trip we've been planning for a year and were heartbroken not to be able to take.
  Well, the princesses are tucked tightly in their beds and the bags are packed.  It's Already been a year since we told them we were going.  Off to Cinderella's Castle we go.

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