Friday, December 10, 2010

Disney Day 1

We're Baaaaaacckkk:)  We had a ball in Disney! 
Be prepared to be totally nauseated by all the photos.  And be aware that they aren't stellar in quality. I had to let go of my desire for perfect pix and just shoot away.  I sure didn't want to miss anything!
You won't see Reese in any pictures.  She was too busy being spoiled at Gamma and Papa's to go with us:)  In fact she's still being spoiled there.  Who knows when we'll get her back??

So Day 1 was spent at the Magic Kingdom.  This is the tram ride over.
Then the monorail over....

We step foot into the park and what do ya know?  It starts pouring down rain.  Remember how Kim and I attract bad weather.  umm yeah.  So we head to the nearest store for ponchos.  $7 a piece.  I tried to find some before we left for FL, but I couldn't.
Getting ponchos on is not exactly easy:)  First I could not get mine own.  Then Kim starts rolling laughing cause we figured out I had a kids one on.  Then she couldn't get hers on.
Thankfully the rain didn't last long.

Behold! Cinderella's Castle!
A while later Piper said, "Mommy, Her castle is beautiful."

Here they are waiting in line to get Daisy's autograph.

I love Madison's face here with her brother:)  She'd hand her book up there right with everybody else:)

One of our first rides was on Aladdin's Magic Carpets!

Then Pirates of the Caribbean.  Totally NOT for kids. I won't tell you who's idea that was. ahem.

Then we took the jungle ride...

We walked into Cinderella's Castle and the girls got pixie dust

Then we got on the carousel

Then Dumbo

Love this one

Then on to the best ride in the park.  It's a Small World!  Okay, no one liked it but me.  They were all haters.  But whatever, this ride is epic!

Then it was on to the tea pots.  This is the only picture that I have cause I was trying not to hurl.  They were spinning it so fast and I was begging them to stop.  Jeremy says he didn't hear me.  Yeah, right.


Here is Minnie's House

The afternoon parade!  And the best way to see all the characters

We came upon our first roller coaster!  The Barn slinger!  Everyone could ride except little Madison.    

As you can see the girls LOVED it!  All the kids did.  Every ride we went on they wanted to do again and again.  We had to tell them there was much more to see!

We got to meet the Princesses and even spend time with them.



Princess Aurora

Then it was off to meet the Fairies!


 Vidia.  She was fiesty, just like she was in the movie:)

I chuckle every time I see these pictures!  Gracie had to have this Belle wig.  She looks so.funny. in it.

 Out motley crew
 Pipes had a turn too.

It was indeed a magical day!

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