Sunday, December 26, 2010

Care Group Christmas Party

This year for our Christmas Party, Matt and Tracie wanted to do something different. Something more fun.  So, a scavenger hunt was born!
It was guys against girls.  Matt drove the guys around and Tracie drove us girls around.

You had to have a camera to document everything you found.  Many of the pics are blurry, but hey we were on a time crunch!

First, we had to find a snowman
 Then we had to come back with a pic with the oldest person we could find.  Haha!  No, we didn't tell him that's why we wanted our pic taken with him:)
 We needed something furry.  So the nice man said, Sure, just grab him!  So, I did.

Then we needed something with feathers, woodstock it was.
 We had to get a picture of a house with lots of lights so we went to this one.  And the people came out and asked us what we were doing.  After we explained to them we were on a scavenger hunt they started helping us get what we needed.  I asked them if they had a typewriter and she said, why yes we do!  Then she calls in to her husband and says, "Get the really old one honey, out of the closet!" Boo ya!  They guys weren't gonna have that!

A pic of the house with the most white lights.....

We had to get a picture in somebody's kitchen....

Thankfully, it was the kitchen of a church member.  Cuz we had to find as many church members as we could to take a pic with.  We went to the Pearsons because there's three of them.  But Beth and Molly were napping!  But kind Bob helped us check many things off our list...
 Music playing....
 A boat
 Drinking from the same drink with different straws...
 A Flower....

Then we had to find a license plate from as far away as we could.  We bombed on this one, it's only SC.

We had to get a pic of sports attire.  So we went into this bar and there she was.  The perfect girl.  She has on her Steelers sweatshirt and a santa hat.  Should have been double points.
 Then we had to find someone dressed up for the holidays....

Well, the girls won but it was a brawl deciding:) The guys cheated!  They went to the house of a care group member that was sick for some of their stuff.  mmmhmmmm. cheaters.  But us girls were late getting back.  So really it probably should have been a tie!

After dinner we decided to have a photoshoot...

Matt and Tracie

Ummm Jeremy and his boyfriend Danny

 Danny and Lisa

Tim and Kim

 The Girls

It was fun.  Fun to celebrate Christmas.  Fun to be together.

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