Monday, December 13, 2010

Disney Day 2

We spent Day 2 at Animal Kingdom.
This place is quite unique.  I was expecting more of a zoo type interactive experience.  I don't know if I can adequately describe what it's like though.  It's a mix of animals, shows, characters, rides.  It's really something you experience more than a place you go to look at animals. Make any sense?

This is the entrance to the park.  I don't know if you can tell but the tree is decorated with animal of course!  Giraffes, lions, camels, etc...
 This is the Tree of Life
 We headed over to do a safari first thing.  Kim and I laughed at how bumpy it was.  Although nowhere near how bumpy the roads in Africa are, it was still bumpy!  They really tried to make it real.

 This is a giraffe family.  the Dad is the darker one to the left, then the mom, and three week old baby:)  She was born 6 feet tall!

They have some wild trees in Africa and there was a great reprensentation of them on this safari.

The flamingoes were beautiful
 Cheetahs!  We didn't get to see any of these in Africa!
 A Lioness.  The male was sleeping over to the side. Typical.

 You can see in this picture but there are hippos back there in the water behind the fish.

Jeremy's favorite, the gorillas.

There's a conservatory where you can explore things more in depth and meet the characters.  AND it was warm in there.  Huge bonus!  Animal Kingdom was freezing cold!  It was cold outside and the park is almost all in the shade.
This is what the foyer of the conservatory looks like.  Wow.



Jiminy Cricket

My buddy:)  Can you say, "we are freezin our hiney's off!!"

We went to see the Lion King Show.  It was really good.

It was a fun day once again.  Many memories made:)

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