Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Around Here

We have lots and lots of Christmas Traditions and I imagine you do too.  I am going to post all of our Christmas in one post.  You're welcome.

It starts the Day after Thanksgiving with Black Friday shopping.  I have gone for many many years and I love it!  I drag my friends along and torture them too:)

Next is going to get our tree the Sat after Thanksgiving with the Lucases.

Then we decorate the tree and the house on that Sunday.

We start our Advent calendar and squeeze Gracie's birthday in.

Then we go to the Live Nativity at Mom and Dad's church.  The very one I was Mary in 17 years ago.

Then it's family baking day.

Then we get together with just my family-my mom and dad and sisters and their families.
Here are all the grandgirls in front of Nanny's tree. And there will be another next year:)

Gees, they're really in to this posing!
 It's gift time at Nanny and Papaw's. Honestly, Reese wasn't interested in opening gifts this year.  This is probably the only one she opened.

 Mom had these cute shirts made for them
 Pipes got one of those Paper Jamz guitars.  They are really neat!

Next tradition is breakfast at Mom and Dad's with the Murphy's on Christmas Eve.  We've been doing this for years.  Our parents met at church and Ryan and I have known each other since we were two.  It's such a highlight to get together with them.  And now we have our own kids to share this with...
 This is the only picture we could get Kelly in:)

Then on Christmas Eve night we go to my uncle Todd's for dinner and a movie.

Gramma and Papa have been coming up on Christmas Eve to spend the night with us for the past couple of years.

Here's Christmas morning...
First we stop at the manger and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Then they are allowed to open their gifts.  My mom and dad joined us this year too!  Before they got over we talked with the girls about how we were approaching gifts this year and that there was less.  We reminded them that they bought a goat and chickens for children around the world to give too.  And we talked about where our Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes ended up, The Dominican Republic and The Ukraine.  They seemed very receptive. And they were grateful for what they received.

 Reese was only interested in these lifesavers

Gracie was sooooo sweet this year.  She made this gift for us at school. It had an ornament in it and a coupon book.  Yes! And if she complains when I use one I get to use it again.  So I told her to complain every time I used the "out to eat" one;)
 When we went to Mom and Dad's for gifts, Gracie gave us something there too.  It was a bag for both of us.  So when I opened it I had to hand it to her so she could give out the stuff.  She gave us an ornament she made and $7 from her birthday money.  Jeremy got $4 and I got $3.  It was priceless.

  Then when we were leaving the house on Christmas she said to me, "Mom, I wanted you and Dad to have that money so you could buy Christmas presents since I know you don't have a lot of money right now."

Reese got a ride on toy which she has loved

Nice Pipes

Next it's on to my aunt Sheri's for my Dad's side of the family
 These are my cousins above.  My aunt takes a stair step picture every year.  I am the oldest, but definitely not the tallest:) That's all the Looper girls right there....
 Barrett, Reese, Bella, Piper, Tristen, and Gracie

Lastly, we go to Mimi's, my grandma's for my mom's side of the family.  It's a full, fun Christmas!
There are always traditions that I plan to start and don't get done.  This year I really wanted to do advent.  But I let it slip...again.  I am really bummed that I have missed that opportunity.  We do a calendar, but I wanted to do the whole deal, with candles and all.  Hopefully next year....

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