Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disney Day 4

We spent our final day back in Magic Kingdom!

 The girls wanted to go back to the tea cups.  I was absolutely not getting back on those things with them!  Do you see that look on Jeremy's face??? Yeah, no mercy!

Then they wanted to drive the cars around the track...

I rode with Gracie Girl.  This picture reminds me so much of her when she was little. sniff sniff

 This was Gracie and Ellie's favorite ride!   Kim and I were shocked.  They rode it twice! It's a rollercoaster, in the dark.

Then back to the Barnslinger....

  Zander was my riding buddy:)

Sorry Kim, I couldn't resist...

Pipes was so excited cause she could ride this rollercoaster

We went home for naps and came back that night for the Light Parade and Fireworks!
Goofy is in there


 Alice in Wonderland
 See Mickey in there?

Cinderella's Castle is many colors....

 This is my favorite color!  I think it sparkles the most when it's blue and silvery
 Sweet little Piper wanted her picture taken with her mommy and sister
 Then she wanted to pose for me:)
 Ellie Bellie and Gracie before saying goodbye to Disney

Our last sight as we left the park....

It was a super fun week in Disney!  We are so grateful for great friends to experience it with and for those of you that allowed us to go.  Thank you so much again!

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Kim said...

awesome, awesome, awesome! i'm so glad your family had this time together to make some magical memories. i love you lindsay . . . praying for your family as you wait to see God's perfect plan unfold.