Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello From Disney!!
  Sorry this post won't have any pictures.  They are still all on my camera.  But we are having a great time here in Disney! It's super cold!  In the mornings it's in the 30s!!! when we get to the parks.  So we had to go buy gloves and a warmer coat for the mom here!  Kim and I were joking earlier that bad weather follows us!  When we go to the beach, it pours so much the streets flood; we come to Florida in December and it's freezing temps!  Goodness.  Other than that, the weather is beautiful.  The sun is out and there isn't a cloud in the sky.

  Piper has said some really cute things lately that I don't want to forget, so I think I should go ahead and record them before we leave.

  Last week when we were talking about coming she said, "I hope the princesses are gluten free!"
  I told her I doubted it, but I was sure the chefs at Disney would take care of her.  And boy did they!  She got chicken tenders!  That is a total treat for a little girl who's gluten free.  That's never been offered before:)

  After our first day in Magic Kingdom I asked the girls what their favorite part was.  Piper said she loved the roller coaster and meeting the princesses and fairies.  Gracie said, "Hmmmm, pretty much everything." :)

  And finally, about two weeks ago Piper was riding home from somewhere with Jeremy and she told him she had a dream the night before.  And she proceeded to belt out the song from her dream for him:
        Don't be such worried
        God is with you
        Don't be such worried
        God is right beside you

  What a priceless treasure when she had no idea that a lay off was right around the corner for her Daddy.  I am so grateful for the many ways the Lord uses our children to speak to our souls.

 Off to make more memories!

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