Wednesday, October 1, 2008

40 Days for Life

Tomorrow's prayer request is....For the apathy of  your people

Oh how I pray that Christians will be awakened to this tragedy and desire to get involved.


Michelle said...

Hey - I have access to a computer for at least the next hour (1:20 right now) - didn't see your comment last night. I meant to call you about the beach. I didn't realize how many commitments I had already made for next week so i don't think that will work out. Any chance you'd want to try the following week??!! Thanks SOOO much for the invite. Will call you tonight.

Michelle said...

BTW - do you have the contact/number for the person who is responsible for the teen moms home that you were telling me about? Did you check out Angie's blog - I'd really like to pursue this. I think it's a really fun idea assuming there's a need for it/they'd like something like this done at their facility. Thanks!