Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hey Friends!
  I snuck away to the beach this week:)  I know, rough life.
  Thank you all for asking about Jordan.  I forgot to update.  Right now we are still waiting to hear the pathology report on the tumor.  Hopefully he will hear tomorrow.  Six days of waiting is enough!  So I will post as soon as I hear.  But a praise is that Jordan did excellent with the biopsy!  He hasn't had one ounce of pain.  Glory to God!  He even went to dinner Sat night with the family.  Such a trooper!  When my aunt was talking to him about not having any pain, Jordan said, "Yep, God worked another miracle."
  And my aunt and I were talking about how often we are surprised when God answers a prayer, and just how silly that is.  For example, God allowed Jordan not to have pain after the biopsy.  Why should we be surprised by that?  We asked Him for it.  He is so kind and faithful.

  In my packing to come to the beach, I left my prayers requests for the 40 Days for life at home:(  Be praying for whatever God lays on your heart.  I will fill you in when I get back Thursday.  I was on my way back to the beach house and I passed a Catholic church.  There was a big sign out in front that said, "Please pray for abortion to end."  I couldn't agree more.  Catholics are very involved in the pro-life movement.  Us Christians need to join them.

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