Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Reilly

 Gracie has been asking me regularly when Reilly's birthday is.  Well to her delight, it was last Thursday, October 9th! She was so eager to celebrate Reilly's big 8!

Of course they had to get her gifts:)  Gracie picked out a tire toy, which has become her favorite, and some chewie bones.  They are quite expensive but they were on sale...and it is her birthday.  Pipes picked a bone with a squeaker in it.  Reilly loved it but she tore the squeaker out in two days.  The most adorable part of the whole thing....Gracie insisted on getting Reilly a card.  And not just any card.  It had to be a singing one.  She picked it out and the song is "You've got a friend in me"  How appropriate for her four legged friend!
Reilly got serenaded and then as you can see she was ready to attack her presents.
The card:)
She didn't let the tire out of her sight:)

Happy Birthday Reilly, our loyal companion!

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Michelle said...

Awwww, that is precious!!!!!