Friday, October 3, 2008

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Here is what I just finished reading.... It is from a book by John Piper entitled, 'Suffering and the Sovereignty of God.' You should buy it! It is outstanding.

Mr Piper says, 'I believe the entire universe exists to display the greatness of the glory of the grace of God. I might have said more simply that the entire universe exists to display the greatness of the glory of God. That would be true. But the Bible is more specific. The glory of God shines most brightly, most fully, most beautifully in the manifestation of the glory of his grace. Therefore, this is the ultimate aim and the final explanation of all things- including suffering.'

And Christ suffered first. 'The death of Christ in supreme suffering is the highest, clearest, surest display of the glory of the grace of God. If that is true, then a stunning truth is revealed, namely, suffering is an essential part of the created universe in which the greatness of the glory of the grace of God can be most fully revealed. Suffering is an essential part of the tapestry of the universe so that the weaving of grace can be seen for what it really is.'

'According to this divine plan, God permits sin to enter the world, (through Adam and Eve). God ordains that what he hates will come to pass.' Why, so he can display his glory and grace! 'When sin entered the world, horrible, horrible things followed. Diseases, defects, disabilities, natural catastrophies, human atrocities-from the youngest infant to the oldest codger, from the vilest scoundrel to the sweetest saint-suffering is no respecter of persons.' God allows these things yet, Mr Piper continues, 'He does not from his heart afflict the children of men. He ordains that suffering come-though he cause grief-but his delight is not in the suffering, but in the great purpose of his creation:the display of the glory of the grace of God in the suffering of Christ for the salvation of sinners.'

'EVERYTHING-EVERYTHING-that Christ accomplished for us sinners he accomplished by suffering. Everything that we will ever enjoy will come to us because of suffering.'

Wow! Suffering is part of God's plan for us. We will all suffer at some point. If we don't, we can't fully comprehend God's grace!

Oh Lord, please be with Jordan and Jessie today, and our whole family. We don't know what you have in store for us but we have this opportunity to trust you and know that whatever happens has passed through your hands first. Please guide Dr. Asher's hand and protect Jordan. Thank you for the chance to see your full grace displayed through suffering. May you be glorified.

By his grace,

Jordan's surgery is scheduled for 8 am.  I will update as soon as I am able.  It will probably be late this afternoon, I am taking the girls apple picking today.  Hopefully someone can update caringbridge before I get home so check there.
Thank you for all of your prayers saints!


The Brown's said...

Amen Lindsay! A much needed Truth for current situation as a nation and as a family :).

May the Lord receive much glory!!

Love you- Gisele

Michelle said...

you may have already read this on heather's blog, but in case not... SO good and it was on the theme of suffering...

"The knowledge that our sufferings are taken up into Christ's is a source of joy. Indeed, the thought of His cross and what it did for me is in times of deep sorrow the only pure joy I can know. We may not feel like shaking tambourines and dancing when we are nailed to a bed in pain. Yet the pain itself may become an offering when we know that we are allowed to help to complete, in our poor human flesh, 'the full tale of Christ's afflictions still to be endured for the sake of His body which is the church' (Col. 1:24). It is Christ in us that makes this possible. Once we have opened ourselves to grace, then Christ Himself takes up His dwelling in us. If we suffer, He suffers. We are His body here on earth. This poor human flesh, yours and mine, is where Jesus now lives so pain bestows on us the incomprehensible privilege of helping to carry to completion the quota He must endure. As we accept this burden with thankfulness, we enter into an ever deepening fellowship of His sufferings - but let us never forget that it was His own perfect and complete sacrifice of Himself that opened to us this possibility. Because of that we become His dwelling place....isn't this reason enough to make our sufferings a sacrifice of praise?
~Elisabeth Elliot

3orange1blonde said...

Any updates on Jordan?

Wagener family fun said...

How did the surgery go?
You are so inspiring!