Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I must chronicle my day yesterday with sweet innocent little princess Piper.  So that when she is older and her kids do this stuff, she can look back and know that it's merely payback:)

Well she was quite adventurous yesterday.... Around lunch time when I was laboring over the dishes and laundry, she enjoyed a whole tube of lotion.  The good kind. So she ended up with a bath and so did my carpet, nightstand, and bed skirt.

I the afternoon, Jeremy and I were meeting with someone in the front yard and I hear this faint little voice at the door.  So I came to let her out, thinking she just wanted to come outside.  Oh no, nope, she was soaked.  "Mommy, I all wet."  "Piper, why are you all wet?"  Then I HEAR why.  I hear the water dripping in the bathroom.  Then I peer around the corner into the bathroom. What do my wandering eyes see???  Water ALLLLLLLL over the place.  She had stopped up the sink and over flowed it.  Now I mean there was water all over the floor, the carpet, in the drawers, under the cabinet....Everything in the drawers and cabinets were wet.  And this is my bathroom since we are STILL remodeling our master one.  So there was a lot of stuff in there!

I did get it all cleaned up and aired out.  Piper slept till 10 this morning.  Hmmm, must have been tired from all her adventures yesterday...

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Laurie said...

Oh, sweet Piper....
I'll have to say it makes me feel better knowing other moms are having to deal with the unexpected cleanups throughout the day as well. :)