Friday, October 17, 2008


Good morning!!  I just read this email and had to pass it on.  I wanted you to be encouraged at the work God is doing around here.  He is using people just like you and me to save babies!

Dear Charlotte Participants,

There were lots of reports for Oct 16th.  Note the several saves!

First of all, thank you to Bishop Jugis for coming to pray at the vigil today, along with people from the Pastoral Center, including Catholic Social Services; and also St. Michael's parish in Gastonia.  Thank you to all of the other individuals and families that showed up today!

Katherine Hearn reported the following:

I think I mentioned to you that on Wed. evening Kristen Giesler, Tim Brennan  and I were out at Latrobe about 6:00 pm. A car drove up and parked in the "new" lot. They sat there for several minutes. We all headed down toward that direction. As they pulled out of the lot, they talked with us. Kristen had made some of the baby fetal models up with resource information. She gave her one. We all talked to the young Mom, Yemaleth, and her mother, Silvia. Yemaleth thought she was 4 months pregnant.
She just called tonight at 8:30 pm and said that this morning she went back to Latrobe and found out that she was actually 30 weeks pregnant. She is keeping her baby and can't believe that she thought about abortion or listened to stories about something being wrong with the baby. She said they told her today that her baby was just fine. I told her that people had been praying all last night and through the day for her!! She is looking forward to her baby's birth and we are all so thankful!!
Kathy Humann, a first timer, sent the following report:

Praise God!  We were able to witness two, possibly three(?) saves in the 2 1/2 hours that we were there today!  First, one car drove by twice, then waved to us and drove away without pulling into the parking lot.  Secondly, another man and woman went in and quickly came back out.  The young girl looked over at us and shouted, "I'm leaving!"  Lastly, a couple that went in, were in there for a while, then came back out right before the abortionist arrived (at approx. 11 a.m.) -- not sure if that was actually a "save", because they did not stop to let us give them information, they just left rather abruptly.  It was a rather busy day at the clinic.

We arrived shortly after 10:00 a.m. to find Chris and an older couple praying the Rosary, so there were six of us until 12:00 noon.  Chris and the older couple left, so we stayed until reinforcements came, as we felt guilty leaving no one there.  Then three ladies from St. Michael's in Gastonia arrived around 12:30-ish.  One woman had her two children with her -- a baby and a toddler.  My friend, Angela, had brought her beautiful seven-month-old with her, too.  What a visual to those arriving to murder their babies!

As it was my first time, it was rather draining emotionally. . .  We would like to go back again next week, however, as we see what an important mission this is.  I hope and pray that more Catholics will come out and support this very worthy cause. 

Kathy, thank you for wanting to return.  God is surely working in your heart!

Another report came in also:
This morning about 8:45 two sidewalk counselors were out at Latrobe when a car pulled up and let off a Mom and young looking daughter. The car let them out and left. The young daughter was 13 years old and 15 weeks pregnant. She had been raped and her father insisted upon her having the abortion, or she could not come back home to live. Neither the young Mom nor her Mother wanted the abortion. The Mother of this young 13 year old did not drive and spoke very little English. Yet, they were willing to go with the sidewalk counselor and ended up at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Charlotte. There they were counseled and had a confirmed pregnancy test as well.
Housing for the young Mom was found at a local maternity home, located close to her school. The amazing ways the Lord brought all of this together was something to behold and too long for an email. Tonight the young 13 year old Mom is in a maternity home surrounded by loving caregivers and her Mom is at peace with her daughter's situation.
Why do we go and pray at abortion clinics? This is one of the reasons. Please pray for this family. The young Mother's name is Maria. We are praying that her Father will not intervene and force her to have the abortion. We are praying for the family to be reunited, too. 

Lastly, please pray extra prayers for this particular abortionist and let us unite all of our prayers for his conversion.

This was truly an amazing day!  We give it to you God, for Your Glory!

May God Bless You,
Andrea Hines
on behalf of the Charlotte Leadership Team


Michelle said...

That was AWESOME to read - thanks for posting this here!!

JJandFive said...

Lindsay, how often are you going out to Latrobe to pray? What days/times? I'd like to meet you there sometime if I can.
Let me know.

Lindsay said...

Not near as much as I want to! We were supposed to go tonight but I stayed with Lisa instead. So we will hopefully plan something for next week. I will let you know. Love for you to go!