Sunday, October 12, 2008


Whew!  I feel quite behind on blogging.  On the 3rd, we went apple picking with our co-op.

We got to go on a tour of the farm and see how they sort apples, wash them, they learned about how important bees are, and we went on a tractor ride through the orchards. We also learned how to pick an apple properly and here they are having a taste test:)

Everyone got their own bag of apples...
This is the contraption they wear to pick apples
Oops, posted that pic twice
Here we are learning about bees.  It was quite humorous.  She asked the kids who ran the hive.  Answer-the queen.  Can the male bees feed themselves?  No, the girls have to get their food for them.  Who does the work in the hive?  The girls.  Hmmm, sounds like humans too:))

This is the apple sorter.  They sort by size.  The deer get the smaller ones.  The med to small ones get used for cider.  And the medium to large ones go to the grocery stores.

Yummy.  Apples we picked:)

And of course Piper had to eat is as soon as she got it off the tree.

Gracie girl really enjoyed picking..

Cutie Patooties:)  All in one wagon!  We walked a little ways to get different kinds of apples.
We take one of these pictures every year...

     This place was beautiful!  The day was wonderful too:)  It was a fun way to spend my birthday.

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