Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Stuff

  You need to listen to this!  It's really quick but shocking!  Oh so sad in so many ways.
 And go to my comments on the last election post I did and check out the link Michelle tells you about.

  I just feel we must realize what is going on and help those who aren't as aware.  If you hear people talking about this stuff this will help you be up on the facts.

My dear friend Kim just sent me an email encouraging me about God's sovereignty over this election.  I am so grateful for her and I totally agree!
I want to make it clear that I trust in God's sovereignty.  And if Obama wins then that is part of God's plan.  He knows what is best for us and it would definitely give us opportunities to minister to others and share where our hope lies. I pray that we all use the opportunities that God gives us to talk about the election to remind them of this-That Christ is our hope and the ruler of our hearts.
So the reason I post anything about the election is so we can be aware of what's out there about the candidates. Most of it you will never hear cause the media doesn't report it.  Especially about Obama, because he sues people who oppose him or attempt to uncover things about him.  Seriously.


Marge said...

That was very interesting! But I'll bet that if they went to another part of town and reversed the candidates and the questions, they'd get a similar response. I'm afraid that ignorance about the candidates and the issues is widespread in both camps.

Lindsay said...

Yep, I agree Marge. It's crazy. I wish you had to at least know where the candidates stand to qualify to vote:)